What about the quit menuitem in standalone with 2.5?

Fran=?ISO-8859-1?B?5w==?=ois Cuneo francois.cuneo at cuk.ch
Fri Sep 3 09:54:29 EDT 2004

Hello everybody!

I have a very important problem with the 2.5 release.

I have a handler "On shutdownRequest".

If I use the Quit menu in My standalone application, it crash's!

And Klaus Major writes me the 7.4.2004:

> There is an extremely cheap and effective trick on OS X ;-)
> Control-Click on the Revolution application...
> Select "Show contents" or whatever that may be in french
> to get INSIDE this folder in disguise...
> Then simply create an empty!!! folder called French.lproj here:
> Revolution/Contents/Resources/French.lproj
> This will at least translate the "Quit", "Preferences" and the menu
> "Help" into french...
> (in the IDE and your standalones :-)
> You will have to restart Rev...
> This folder will be part of your standalone, since all resources are
> copied from the
> Revolution application...

It doesn't work now!


François Cuneo
Au Champ du Pré
1353 Bofflens

e-mail: mailto:francois.cuneo at cuk.ch

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