LittleArrows Problem

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Sep 2 14:48:42 EDT 2004

Hi Arthur,

> Am 02.09.2004 um 18:38 schrieb Arthur Urban:
>> Maybe it's just late, but there seems to be a problem with
>> LittleArrows. Whenever I click on the up portion of the
>> control, the current value is decreased, and clicking in the
>> down portion increases the thumb value. This seems very
>> non-intuitive. Just me?
> I'm surprised nobody had anything to say about this. Anybody at 
> Revolution
> want to give it a go?
> I've also discovered some other interesting math "behaviour" in 
> regards to
> LittleArrows. If I do this in a script (to fix the above bug), I get
> incorrect results:
>     put -(the thumbPosition of me)
> If the thumbPosition happens to be at -6, I get 6.001984 instead of 6. 
> This

on mouseUp
   put -(the thumbpos of me)
end mouseUp

in a LittleArrows scrollbar (from -6 to 6) gives -> straight 6 to -6 
here on my machine...?

Did you set "the numberformat" eventually?

> is quite surprising, but I'm glad I haven't spent the $300 yet...

Never judge a cover by its book ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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