Does 2.5 launch OK on your Mac 10.1.5?

Phil Davis davis.phil at
Thu Sep 2 12:59:35 EDT 2004

It doesn't on mine, so I entered bug #2105 about this. When I 
double-click the app icon from the desktop, I immediately get the 
"App unexpectedly quit" message.

The 2.5 'Read_Me_First.txt' file says:
     --- Requirements for OS X systems ---

     You can develop on any OS X system that includes:

     - Any OS X-capable Macintosh
     - Operating system: OS X 10.0.3 or later
     - Memory: 128M total
     - Disk space: 35M free
     - QuickTime required for video features

I have all this.

Is it just my machine (which I doubt), or does the final 2.5 launch 
OK on YOUR OSX 10.1.5 machine?

Just checking reality...

Phil Davis

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