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Wed Sep 1 15:23:40 EDT 2004

On 8/31/04 11:12 PM, "william griffin" <bill at> wrote:

> I used a reset button to put everything back in place, no go, the stack
> got shoved about 40 pixels
> under the menuBar.
> I quit, I restarted, and the stack got shoved another extra 40 pixels
> under the menuBar
> When I check the rect of the stack it is 2,22,800,44  which is exactly
> what it always has been
> but the display and the settings do not match. as seen here.
> What could cause this? How do I fix this?

OK, Bill, here's how it works in Rev... :-)

The easiest way to do it is:

1) Open the menu editor (Tools -> Menu Builder)
2) Create a new menubar
3) Design the menus the way you like (if you want to) and click "OK". The
menubar will be placed on your stack.
4) If you have other objects on your stack, select all of them (except for
the menubar that was placed on your stack) and move them down below the
5) In the Menu Builder, click "Set as Menu Bar on Mac OS" (this assigns your
group as a menubar and sets the "editMenus" of the stack to false - which
also shifts everything up and hides the menubar group)

The rect of the stack remains the same because the physical dimensions of
the stack window don't change after the menubar group has been assigned and


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