downloading trial DreamCard gives me Revolution 2.5

Kevin Miller kevin at
Wed Sep 1 11:21:32 EDT 2004

On 1/9/04 4:56 pm, "Louis Janus" <janus005 at> wrote:

> Last week I  downloaded Rev 2.2.1 as a 30 day trial. When the
> DreamCard announcement came yesterday, I thought it might be better
> suited to my needs and abilities. So I went to the site, clicked on
> download 10 hour trial of DreamCard, and lo and behold I  got Rev
> 2.5. (The unlock key says it is for DreamCard, but seems to work just
> as well for Rev 2.5)
> Ideas about looking at DreamCard and not rev 2.5?

The products are differentiated by the license key you enter.  If you
requested Dreamcard you will have a Dreamcard key, and if you launch the
program you will notice the splash screen says Dreamcard.

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