OSX GUI Manipulation?

bfr at nwlink.com bfr at nwlink.com
Wed Sep 1 10:23:58 EDT 2004

> bfr at nwlink.com wrote:
>>>The post I replied to mentioned only BASIC and FaceSpan, both of which
>>>use AppleScript for controlling other apps, as does Rev.
>> You are mistaken.
>> Facespan, in versions prior to 4.0, had "click as user" and "type as
>> user"
>> and "do menu" commands. I used those commands, in applications I built
>> and
>> sold, to control the behavior of unscriptable applications by
>> controlling
>> them through manipulaton of their GUI.
>> The programming language of FaceSpan is applescript, and so for those
>> applications (or those actions) that WERE scriptable, Facespan could in
>> fact send applescript commands to the applications.
> Right, the programming language of FaceSpan is AppleScript. On which
> part of that was I mistaken?
>> Well I thought I made it quite clear that automating other applications
>> is the whole point of my question.
> That was clear.  What do you want to do that AppleScript doesn't support?


Controlling the GUI of unscriptable applications.

> I've had no need to script with System Events myself (my job requires me
> to avoid platform-specific technologies where possible).

Another non-sequiter. I am trying to control an OSX application. Therefore
I need an OSX solution.

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