OSX GUI Manipulation?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Sep 1 03:03:06 EDT 2004

bfr at nwlink.com wrote:

>>Other applications can be manipulated only to the degree that they want
>>to be.  The mechanism for that is AppleScript.  If a program allows
>>itself to be modified via AppleScript, you can send AppleScript from Rev
>>just as you can from other tools.
> Tain't so.
> Look at iKey, for instance. It can provide complete scripited control over
> the GUI of other apps, independent of their native scriptability.

The post I replied to mentioned only BASIC and FaceSpan, both of which 
use AppleScript for controlling other apps, as does Rev.

The introduction of iKey into the discussion is helpful, but it's an 
automation utility and doesn't claim to be a programming environment.

Looking at iKey's command list at <http://www.scriptsoftware.com/ikey/> 
it seems that most, if not all, of what it does can be done via AppleScript.

In an earlier post you made reference to the System Events application. 
  If you open that app's dictionary with AppleScript Editor you'll find 
an extensive variety of AppleScriptable goodies.

AppleScript is the Apple-sanctioned method for implementing 
inter-process communication.  Rev can run AppleScript.

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