sample stacks - detailed description of how to find them

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sun Oct 31 14:24:51 EST 2004


Sunday, October 31, 2004, 7:58:12 AM, you wrote:

RRF> Hmmm... You mentioned "a .rvc.gz document that should be
RRF> opened with revOnline browser". What's that and how do I get to
RRF> it?

Select "Revolution Online" from the "Development" menu. That's the
revOnline browser. To find the samples (I just tried this 11:20 PST
and it's up and working) select "Learning Center", then "Sample
Projects" or "Sample Scripts" and start working your way through. If
this doesn't work for you then something else is wrong. Er... you do
have a valid internet connection while you're trying this, right?

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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