sample stacks - detailed description of how to find them

Ralph R. Forehand ralf at
Sun Oct 31 10:50:58 EST 2004

Jacqueline Landman Gay wrote;
>I was getting this too last week, as were a few others. Today it seems to work okay again. I assumed the server had gone down; maybe it was some other problem.
>At any rate, the sample stacks used to be on the web site, but when the new revised site went online they were removed. An announcement was made to the list that this would happen, and RR requested that folks upload their sample stacks to the RevOnline area instead, which was created especially for that purpose. Some people have not yet uploaded their work, but there are still many examples there -- though, of course, you have to be able to reach them.
>I know that some firewalls can block access. That wasn't the situation in my case, but maybe it applies to your situation?


Thanks for the status update. Hmmm... sounds like I'm caught in a transition and it will work out in time. Since I just joined the Revolution community I've missed some of the recent happenings. I can only hope Revolution will provide access to their Help stacks and code segments soon? Hint-Hint :-)) !

No, I do not have a firewall in use.

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