sample stacks - detailed description of how to find them

Ralph R. Forehand ralf at
Sat Oct 30 16:15:07 EDT 2004


You wrote;
>I'm not exactly sure what you are doing to get to this message but this is what I did to find a whole bunch of scripts and some sample stacks.
>Run Rev 2.5, click on Rev Online icon near the top right of the Rev Menubar. You should see 4 icons, the lower right one being Learning Center.  Click on Learning Center then click on Sample Work.  You should have access to Sample Scripts and Sample Projects. I haven't found any of these that require payment but I didn't look through all of them.
>Does this help?

No, I tried it and got;

"Bad Channel
The channel URL you have entered does not point to a valid channel stack"

The Location (of the bad URL) is given as :

When you checked it did you get pointed to the same URL?

>PS Make sure to check out the video tutorials, too.  Some of these cost money but there are a lot of basic ones that don't.

Will do.

Marion, Thanks for your reply and TAKE CARE,

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