timeScale & fps?

David Egbert degbert at mac.com
Tue Oct 26 10:57:17 CDT 2004

I've suddenly become utterly confused on how to determine the frames 
per second of a movie. I'm wondering if someone would be kind enough to 
help me through my thought process.

The timeScale property of a player object tells you the unit of 
intervals for a movie. Usually with the 29.97, 24 fps movies and even 
slide shows I've opened this interval is listed at 600. Now I know 600 
is an internal number for the timing of Quicktime, but shouldn't the 
timeScale of a 29.97 movie be 29.97?

Is there another property that returns the frame rate? (there is a 
frameRate property but it is something completely different). I'm not 
seeing another way to determine fps.

I can assume that most of the material out there is drop frame, but I 
would really like to have a frame-accurate readout for my project.

Thanks for your time.

Dave Egbert

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