Please Don't Reshape Script Editor- or anything else

Erik Hansen erikhans08 at
Fri Oct 22 19:01:29 CDT 2004

--- "Jeanne A. E. DeVoto"
<revolution at> wrote:

> Enter this in the message box and you'll see
> the script:
>    edit script of btn "revReshape" of cd 1 of
> stack "revLibrary"
> When you reshape a selected graphic, this
> script is made into a 
> temporary frontScript, and the revSetMarkers
> handler is executed 
> (which sets up the standard visual appearance
> of the little square 
> markers at the points of the graphic).
> The frontScript handles mouse clicks, with a
> variety of special 
> behaviors such as command-clicking a point to
> remove it. It basically 
> tracks the mouse while it's down, continually
> updating the graphic's 
> points property to reflect the user's moving
> one of the control 
> points. (I notice the dreaded "repeat until the
> mouse is down" makes 
> an appearance ;-)

where do i go to keep the script editor
from resizing after i get it
the way i like it?

also, despite checking the preferences box,
the message box always pops up center stage
like a ham actor, along with the tools

basically, i want things to stay
where i put them.

thank you,

Erik Hansen

erik at

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