someone noticed this one?

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Oct 22 12:21:59 EDT 2004

Hi Alex,

> At 12:21 22/10/2004 +0200, Klaus Major wrote:
>> But this is the last posting of this list and i thought that all 
>> should read this...
> I received a copy of that message. I thought it had come on in on this 
> list (because of my mail filters
> putting almost anything to do with Revolution into a separate single 
> folder), but checking back I see it didn't appear here.
> I did wonder if there was some risk of conflict between this service 
> that RR will offer and existing consultants - and then figured that 
> since no-one mentioned it,

...simply because nobody knew...

> I was just being overly sensitive on behalf of you guys who make a 
> living from this kind of thing.

Thank you very much for these kind words, Alex!!! :-)

>> ...
>> I have to say that i am not very happy with these news,
>> especially with the two marked items above...
> Or the one about "porting solution originally written in ..." ?
> Doesn't a very similar statement appear on a number of websites of 
> contributors here ?

Well, competiton is not a bad thing per se... ;-)

>>> - Adding custom features to the Revolution technology platform
>>> - Building customized versions of the Revolution technology

I read this like:
We can simply change/modify the engine, if necessary...

Now this is BEYOND competition!

> -- Alex.


Klaus Major
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