POST cgi question - slightly OT

jbv jbv.silences at
Wed Oct 20 06:55:21 EDT 2004


Thanks for the tip (and the link), although I'm not planing
to use a browser for the POST, but a Rev standalone in the
following configuration :
standalone -> Rev-cgi -> DB -> Rev-cgi  -> standalone

But after all, it's still HTTP, and I might consider slicing
data in small parts if the total amout becomes really huge...
BTW at which size do data become "huge" ?


> One trick to return huge data to the browser is to use a Chunked
> Transfer-Encoding this way you can send big data by slicing it in small
> parts and sending it to the browser in small amounts. The browser will
> keep accepting the chunked transfer till it ends, it's better than
> simply piping the whole data. To get a better knowledge of the HTTP
> protocol refer to this really wonderfull text HTTP Made Really Easy
> (, this text is easy to read and
> understand, it saved my life while creating revHTTPd.
> Cheers
> andre
> PS: I never coded chunked transfer encodings, if you do so, please
> share your code!!!! (if I do it first, I'll share mine) =)

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