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Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Wed Oct 13 16:27:25 CDT 2004

Ihad this happen on a large project I was working on as well. I thought 
it was me at first but it seemed every time I "tested" my stack in the 
ide it would grow a little even though I did not add anything.

Hope we can find a solution.


On Oct 13, 2004, at 1:20 PM, Lars Brehmer wrote:

> I've been searching the list archives, but can't seem to find an 
> answer for this:
> A fairly intricate foreign language vocabulary trainer I've been 
> working on for quite some time was getting really bloated, so I 
> started to figure out why.  The main cause turned out to be the fact 
> that I had 2 profiles, to make the interface bilingual.  This 
> literally doubled the file size and wasn't really necessary, so I went 
> back to just a Master profile.  At the same time I noticed that when I 
> opened the standalone data stacks in Rev to make changes, just 
> navigating around increased the file size!  No new cards or anything, 
> just moving between cards and stacks.  I tested this out in the 
> standalone, and after a session with no new cards, the data stack did 
> indeed stay the same size.  But when I opened it in Rev and made about 
> 100 button clicks (next card, open substack, open sub-substack, next 
> card, close substack, etc) the stack file size had grown by 3 k, even 
> though I compacted it and saved it from the menu.  I'll now try to 
> open it in Rev as litttle as possible, but in the last few weeks I did 
> quite a bit of work on it back in Rev and have absolutely no idea how 
> much the file grew because of this.
> Does anyone know why the file size grows without me adding anything to 
> it, and if so is there any way around this or anyway to get rid of the 
> bloat this seems to have caused?
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