How to STOP accepting connections?

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Oct 11 15:03:35 EDT 2004

On Oct 11, 2004, at 11:31 AM, Gordon Tillman wrote:

> accept connections on port 1234 with message "ConnectionRequest"
> If at some time in the future the application wants to stop accepting 
> connections, how might that be accomplished?

close socket "1234"

Note:  If you have both a UDP listener and a TCP listener, you don't 
know which this will close.  (Well, I don't know; it might be based on 
order of accepts.)  Use this if you have only one or will close both 
together anyway.

If you want to accept just one connection at a time, close the accept 
when you get a connection and re-accept when that is over.

(I've been taking a break from lists for a half season and hope to 
moderately get back into Revolution lists this month.)

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