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Fri Oct 8 10:48:15 CDT 2004

insert the script of this stack into front 

is a good start... You put the scripts you would want
available everywhere (preferably not starting with "rev")

Why are they used? To intercept all the IDE messages for
example. This is what I use in WinN2O to detect window
changes or PropN2O to detect selection changes...

It's the basic stuff to make a plug-in without relying
on the plugin manager - I had it crash on me with just
a look so since it's not supported (but they do fix it)
it's better to implement your own this way than wait for 
an upgrade IMOHX...


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> Hello to all,
> Does anyone have an example stack of how and why to use a 
> front/back script? I have read the docs and have never used 
> them. I need to see a real reason and example on how they 
> work and why they are useful.
> Thanks in advance to all,
> Tom
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