Size limit of table field ?

Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Wed Oct 6 13:40:07 EDT 2004

On Wednesday, October 6, 2004, at 10:26 AM, Martin Baxter wrote:

> I can confirm that it's true even for a 68k standalone running on 
> system 7.6
> If you increase the application memory, you can actually make the 
> situation
> worse, because it leaves less for the system heap, which is where the
> application is actually getting memory from (as I understand it).
> I was quite vexed by this when I first saw it (but I changed my 
> medication
> and have calmed down now;-)
> Martin Baxter

So if I understand this if I allocate more memory for my standalone 
apps created for classic Mac OS in order to make room for media running 
in my standalone I would actually be making less room for my standalone 
application and media? Of course I will need to test this. Does the 
standalone builder in Mac OS classic running on classic set a proper 
memory size for each standalone that it builds?

This is interesting because some users only have 32 meg systems.


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