Going to cards very slow

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Oct 5 20:33:48 EDT 2004

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> Here's a weird problem a friend encountered which has me stumped. 
> Hopefully someone here will have the answer.
> He has a 400 card stack and going to a card takes about 7 seconds, 
> whether this is from another stack or just moving to the next card 
> within the stack. I assumed he had lots of message handlers getting in 
> the way, so I locked messages before going to the card. This worked fine 
> and the navigation happened instantly as expected.
> Now I wanted to find out what was causing the slowdown, so I removed the 
> "lock messages" line and turned on the Message Watcher. At first, I had 
> it suppressing unhandled messages and the only thing it showed was the 
> mouseUp that triggered the "go to card ...". When I turned off suppress 
> unhandled messages, the culprit was a seemingly endless stream of 
> cRevGeneral messages. (I hit command-period after about a minute.)

What are those messages?

Are you using the Geometry or Profile Managers?  Perhaps they're being 
invoked unnecessarily; knowing what messages are being sent may help 
diagnose what's happening.

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