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Tue Oct 5 13:14:10 EDT 2004

On Oct 5, 2004, at 12:58 PM, Andrew wrote:

> Hi, Eric.   Thanks so much for your response.
>> I don't think that such a feature is perfectly appropriate, regarding
>> to human interface guidelines whichever of the platforms you use.
>> Unless a modifier key is pressed (a menu shortcut for instance), the
>> user don't expect a dialog box to appear ;-)
> Yeah, but I think it works for this stack.  I think you'd agree if you 
> saw the stack.
>> But if you want this, as ask dialog is a modal window, you have to
>> modify As Dialog stack by adding (for instance)
>>    select after text of field id 1119
> So, you're suggesting to put this code in the preopenstack handler of 
> some stack called "As Dialog"?
> What/where is the stack "As Dialog" ?

The dialog box presented when you execute an "ask" command is actually 
a (normally hidden) stack called "Ask Dialog" (not "As Dialog").  It is 
part of the Rev IDE, and is copied into a standalone when it is built 
and requests these resources.

>> at the end of the preOpenStack handler in the main card of As Dialog
>> stack (Rev 2.x).
>> But be VERY careful when modifying an IDE stack and RESTORE it after
>> you built your standalone.
> what is an IDE stack?
> What does it mean to restore one?

In other words, since the stack is part of the IDE, modifying it will 
affect the entire IDE and any stack opened within the IDE which 
utilizes the resources of that stack.  By "restore", he means that if 
you are going to modify the IDE, you should be careful to change it 
back when finished, or the changes may cause unexpected problems later 
on, and you may have a hard time figuring out why if you happen to 
forget that (and how) you changed the IDE.

> Is there an easier way to solve this problem without tinkering with 
> external stacks?  Can i just make all the changes within my stack?

Sure.  Make your own custom "ask" dialog box and use it instead of the 
one provided by Rev.

> Thank you
> Andrew
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