ask cursor

Andrew alw918 at
Tue Oct 5 12:58:27 EDT 2004

Hi, Eric.   Thanks so much for your response.
> I don't think that such a feature is perfectly appropriate, regarding
> to human interface guidelines whichever of the platforms you use.
> Unless a modifier key is pressed (a menu shortcut for instance), the
> user don't expect a dialog box to appear ;-)
Yeah, but I think it works for this stack.  I think you'd agree if you 
saw the stack.

> But if you want this, as ask dialog is a modal window, you have to
> modify As Dialog stack by adding (for instance)

>    select after text of field id 1119

So, you're suggesting to put this code in the preopenstack handler of 
some stack called "As Dialog"?
What/where is the stack "As Dialog" ?
> at the end of the preOpenStack handler in the main card of As Dialog
> stack (Rev 2.x).
> But be VERY careful when modifying an IDE stack and RESTORE it after
> you built your standalone.
what is an IDE stack?
What does it mean to restore one?

Is there an easier way to solve this problem without tinkering with 
external stacks?  Can i just make all the changes within my stack?
Thank you

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