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Just a suggestion check out the Pure Perl PostgreSQL driver ppgsql package they coded around numerous quirks in pgsql.



Any resemblance between the above views and those of my
employer, my terminal, or the view out my window are purely
Any resemblance between the above and my own views is non-deterministic.

 The question of the existence of views in the absence of anyone to hold
is left as an exercise for the reader. The question of the existence of
the reader
 is left as an exercise for the second god coefficient. 
(A discussion of non-orthogonal, non-integral polytheism is beyond the
scope of this article.)

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Okay, so I got tired of waiting for RevDB to be fixed for PostgreSQL <br>(or for some explanation of how to set it up, in case my drivers are <br>not correctly positioned), so I am trying to write my own, <br>Transcript-native PostgreSQL driver for Rev (with its own API, by means <br>of a 'start using' command...)  Never tried this before, but I did get <br>the 'start using' to work.<br><br>I *think* I was able to get sockets working, too, but for some reason, <br>at least under OS X, I cannot seem to read from a socket.  What am I <br>doing wrong here?  I have the following handler in my code:<br><br>function pgFetchMessage<br>   read from socket pg_sock for 5<br>   put it into x<br>   put (charToNum(char 2 of x) * 16777216) + (charToNum(char 3 of x) * <br>65536) + (charToNum(char 4 of x) * 256) + charToNum(char 5 of x) \<br>       into l<br>   read from socket pg_sock for l<br>   put it into z<br>   answer charToNum(the first char of x) titled (pg_sock) && (the length <br>of x)<br>   return (x & z)<br>end pgFetchMessage<br><br><br>The "answer" line results in the following title bar (empty message):<br><br>localhost:5432 0<br><br>Why would this happen?  That "0" means that the length of string "x" <br>(which should contain exactly five characters, right?) is zero.  In <br>other words, that string is empty -- but it shouldn't be!<br><br>Somehow I was able to get it to register a message with the letter "O" <br>out in front, when I was expecting to get an "R" from the server.  I <br>went over the protocol docs to figure out what would cause a message <br>starting with "O", and there was no message starting with "O" in the <br>docs.  Strange...<br><br>I am reasonably convinced (given the handler below) that I am not <br>getting a socketError (the "err!" box never shows up; pg_wantsock <br>contains the same text as pg_sock by now):<br><br>on socketError sock, errmsg<br>   if sock is pg_wantsock then<br>     put empty into pg_sock<br>     put errmsg into pg_err<br>   end if<br>   answer "err!" & errmsg<br>end socketError<br><br><br>So what could be happening?<br><br><br>-----------------------------------------------------------<br>Frank D. Engel, Jr.  <fde101 at fjrhome.net><br><br>$ ln -s /usr/share/kjvbible /usr/manual<br>$ true | cat /usr/manual | grep "John 3:16"<br>John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten <br>Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have <br>everlasting life.<br>$ <br>_______________________________________________<br>use-revolution mailing list<br>use-revolution at lists.runrev.com<br>http://lists.runrev.com/mailman/listinfo/use-revolution<br>

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