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> Hi, quick question.
> I wanted to allow the user to display an "ask" dialogue by typing a
> key, but have the key that they type be the first key to appear as
> their response.
> But if I do:
> on keydown whichkey
>    ask "What do you wish to say?" with whichkey
> end keydown
> Then, the next key you type replaces the first key, since the first key
> shows up selected.  How do I place the cursor after the selection or
> deselect what's in the response box?

I don't think that such a feature is perfectly appropriate, regarding 
to human interface guidelines whichever of the platforms you use.
Unless a modifier key is pressed (a menu shortcut for instance), the 
user don't expect a dialog box to appear ;-)
But if you want this, as ask dialog is a modal window, you have to 
modify As Dialog stack by adding (for instance)

   select after text of field id 1119

at the end of the preOpenStack handler in the main card of As Dialog 
stack (Rev 2.x).
But be VERY careful when modifying an IDE stack and RESTORE it after 
you built your standalone.


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