Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Oct 3 16:59:40 EDT 2004

Reacting to an offline request I have provided the "missing link" to the 
"concordance" stack on my website 
<> and uploaded an older, but 
working concordance stack.

 From the description:

"Concordance program: Searches for words or parts of words in opened 
text files (txt, rtf etc.). Lines with colorized found words are listed  
in their immediate context of several words before and after. Number of 
words found are counted. With click on a line in the "found" field the 
user can scroll to the full context of the searchstring in another 
field. (A number of improvements are scheduled, but the stack as it is 
may already serve quite a number of purposes and can be modified by 
anybody who is interested.)"

A number of improvements are indeed necessary. Use and improve the stack 
at your own risk. The overhauling of the program is scheduled for November.

--Wilhelm Sanke

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