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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Oct 2 18:09:40 CDT 2004

Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Recently, 
> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>>With so many Rev conferences this year I keep
>>daydreaming that someone
>>will start an open source presentation tool and
>>runtime library in
>>Transcript.  Any chance we could toss one together
>>in time to make all
>>of our presentations for Malta? :)
> Michael J. Lew proposed, some time ago, to create
> such tool with RR/MC.
> Do you think that it'll be possible to create a site
> that holds the progress of some RR jointed development
> projects, similar to SourceForge?
> In that way developers could CHOOSE to contribute
> hours of their scarse time to help in the advance
> of some project of their interest.
> I'll like that developers in the SuperCard
> platform port the handlers for importing
> Adobe ilustrator files to their platform.
> But, that has not happened yet.
> I'll like that more developers work with the
> handlers that export to pdf...
> This will not be possible without a central
> place to put all the projects, in a
> single site, where all developers become
> aware of the state of development in every
> project.

"not possible" may be a little strong.  After all, you cite SuperCard, 
and they generally use their Yahoo Group for trading files.  A lot of 
open source projects live at Yahoo Groups, including the MC IDE, libIPC, 
and others.

As I wrote in 
managing files is the easy part of running an open source project.  It 
can be as simple any a plain ol' file repository.

But if you really want to encourage both efficient work and broad 
community, why not do it as a Rev stack?  After all, sooner or later 
you'll want to integrate it with your stack files anyway.

I'd be happy to add a new section to RevNet for it if you think that 
would be helpful.  Since RevNet is bundled with Rev your stuff could be 
instantly available to everyone the moment you post it.  Drop me a note 
offline if that's of interest and we can work out the details.

But whether RevNet or some other stack, ultimately the more useful 
component of such a project will be a stack rather than a browser page. 
  It's HTTP you're after, not necessarily a separate browser application 
disconnected from your workflow.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporation
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