David Kwinter david at kwinter.ca
Fri Oct 1 15:26:50 EDT 2004


I just got the encryption add-on and am experimenting with the "Encryption.rev" file in the "unsupported stacks" download (http://support.runrev.com/resources/unsupported.php).

Using bf-ofb with a 40 char key (320bits) with 320bits specified for encryption, I can encrypt and decrypt fine.


Using bf-ofb with a 41 char key (328bits) with 328bits specified for encryption, the source does not come back properly after decryption, instead it's garbage binary data.

If I use "blowfish" instead of "bf-ofb", everything works fine up until 320bits, higher than that I get the error "error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal:bad decrypt"

Is anyone having better luck with this?

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