Reusable Code (again)

Gordon gwalias-rev at
Mon Nov 29 23:39:49 EST 2004

Sorry, I meant to ask for a variable example, not a
constant. My question is this then ...

How do I have my reusable stack introduce a global
variable that can be passed around in an application
that uses the stack? Can I declare a global variable
in the stack script of the reusable stack and then use
the 'start using' construct that was described

Does this avoid having to declare the same global
variable in the rest of my app?



> e.g. my library stack contains ...
> a constant called 'HalfCircle' with a value of 180.0
> a function called 'degreestoradians' defined as
> function degreestoradians degrees
>   return (degrees/180.0) * 3.1415926
> end function
> How do I store these in my library stack?
> How do make them available to the rest of my app
> the library stack is loaded?

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