strange things going on on windows

Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Nov 22 11:21:05 EST 2004

Hi friends,

i need a little help...

I am currently preparing my memory game from my ERC presentation to
put it on REV online, but strange things are happening on windows, no 
on the mac, of course :-)

Good that i took a look on my stack on windowze!!!

I have a group of btns and the group has the script:

on mouseup
    set the hilite of the target to true
    hasbeenclicked (the number of the target)
   ## will prevent that more than 2 buttons can be clicked...
   ## and will check the hiliteicons remove the buttons or set the icons 
back after 1 second...
end mouseup

Works fine on the mac, but on windows, it only works with the first 
The second click will reveal the hiliteicon already on MOUSEDOWN!!!????
And the hiliteicon of the second button will not show up after a 
It displays very short as long the mouse is down and then the normal 
icon is shown again...

But it is getting even stranger!!!

If queried:

put the hilite of ...(secind button clicked)

Ii get TRUE!!!???

"autohilite" of the buttons is set to false, of course...

Any hints?

I can send the stack, if someone has a little time to help me out and 
have a look...

Thank you very much in advance.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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