Saving stacks with long file names

Scott Morrow scott at
Sun Nov 21 21:12:12 EST 2004

Hello good folks,
I'm stumped on how to save a stack file that has been read into a 
standalone application (and edited) if the stack file has a file name 
in excess of 30 characters (including any invisible extension.)  I've 
read that the limit is 32 characters but my testing is showing the 
limit is 30 characters for some reason. The filename is read in 
correctly but trying to save the file always results in "can't open 
stack backup file" and the creation of a backup stack with a truncated 
name and without the changes.  I suspect there really is a way to 
manage this without making the user rename the file before opening it, 
but I've not found it.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  
OSX 10.3.6 / Rev 2.5 (build 2) Enterprise
Many thanks,
Scott Morrow

Elementary Software
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