Creating reusable code libraries

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Sun Nov 21 18:49:33 EST 2004

> I am still a little unclear on the relationship of
> stacks, substacks and cards. Supposing I have created
> a mainstack already - what is the difference between
> adding a new card to the mainstack or adding a new
> substack? Stacks and substacks both have to have at
> least one main card - yes? How is the relationship of
> a substack to its stack, different from that of a card
> to its stack (or substack)?
A stack FILE can contain one or more stacks.
The first stack in the file is called the mainStack.
A stack can also be considered to be a window.
If you make new cards in a stack, you can only display them one at a 
time, If you want to display more than one card at a time, then you 
need more than one stack.
Apart from that, the relationship between cards and sub-stacks is 
basically the same - messages pass from cards to their stack and from 
sub-stack's cards to their stack to the main stack.


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