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James Spencer jspencer78 at
Sat Nov 20 16:12:03 EST 2004

> On Nov 20, 2004, at 11:15 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 11/20/04 10:22 AM, James Spencer wrote:
>>> I know this question has been asked but in going through the 
>>> archives, the only solution I've seen was very general and I didn't 
>>> really understand the details.  I've got an old project that I've 
>>> been working on short of on-and-off since Rev 2.0 or so.  I made the 
>>> "mistake" of using Rev's standard icons from the Image Library.  
>>> Back when adding these to the stand-alone was no problem but I've 
>>> just realized that 2.5 doesn't provide a mechanism for automatically 
>>> including the standard icons.  Short of prowling through stacks with 
>>> low level tools (or worse IMHO considering the quick and dirty 
>>> nature of this application) redoing all of the images, is there a 
>>> way to bring the standard icons into my standalone?  I've tried 
>>> adding revGeneralIcons to my standalone with no effect.
>> I think this is automatic now, and there is no longer an interface 
>> for it. The standalone builder will scan all your button icons and 
>> include those the stack is using. Is it not working that way?
> Yes in fact it is working that way, thank you very much.  The problem 
> was that the icons are in fact not needed by the standalone file but 
> rather were needed by a couple of free standing stacks in separate 
> files (so they can be modified by the standalone) so the icons weren't 
> being copied.  The solution was simply to add an extra card to my 
> splash card stack that never get's seen but contains copies of the 
> buttons with their icons.  The package now works correctly.  Thanks 
> again.

OK, one last stupid question and I'll have this thing beat.  My button 
icons are all working fine but what aren't are icons for the answer 
dialogs: generally I've called for "answer question "My prompt?" with 
"Yes" or "No" but it doesn't matter if the iconType parameter passed to 
answer is question, information, or nothing.  I get a good icon when I 
run the app in the RR environment but nothing as a standalone.  Any 

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