Apple scriptable standalones

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Nov 20 14:50:48 EST 2004

Hi Mark,

> william-
> Saturday, November 20, 2004, 12:02:14 AM, you wrote:
> wg> Script edit gave me an error as soon as I compiled this:

> ...and no wonder...
> Try:
> local theScript
> put "tell application" && quote & iGame3d & quote & cr \
>   & "do script" && quote & "quit" & quote && cr \
>   & "end tell" & cr \
>   into theScript
> do theScript as applescript

ehmm, Bill wanted to use a "real" applescript and NOT "do something as 
from WITHIN his standalone...

Which would not really make sense, i think ;-)

Hi Bill,

quick guess:

do you really have a script called "quit" somewhere in the stackscript
or any place that is accesible to "everyone"?

I have not tried yet, but i think the stackscript would be the best 
for scripts to be called by (external) applescripts...

Try this one in the stackscript:

on goodbye
end goodbye

And then

tell ...
     do script "goodbye"
end tell

Please tell me if that works ;-)

> -Mark Wieder
>  mwieder at


Klaus Major
klaus at

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