ANN iGame3D's Dead Game on MacOSX

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Thu Nov 18 09:56:03 EST 2004

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> Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 12:50:32 +0100
> From: Klaus Major <klaus at>
> Subject: Re: ANN: iGame3D's Dead Days
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> Hi Bill and all,
> i cannot get this game started???
> Anyone else experienced this?
> I doubleclick and see the short zoom effect, but that was all... :-(
> OS X 10.3.6, i expereinced this phenomenon with one or two (non rev)
> apps, too...
> Any hints?
> Regards
> Klaus Major
> klaus at

Originally posted by the unsleeping game beast:

"Our email is available in the read me file, if you have any problems
please contact us with as detailed system specs as you can provide.
ATI video cards, on random machines seem to be the only problems we've

Without knowing more about your system specs we will never get this 
thing fixed.
Do you have dual monitors by any chance, what resolution are you 
running, do you have a
!@&%*#'n ATI Card? These are things we need to know. (Don't feel bad, 
only a girl from pixar sent us system specs with a bug report)

The game will probably work if you change the resolution of your 
monitor, lower, before trying.
We may force monitors to do that in the future, something I don't enjoy 
doing because games
that pull that stunt leave the monitor settings all screwed up. On 
lapttops and flat screens
its no big deal they only like 5 settings tops, but for CRT's you can 
lose 2 inches of screen
just from playing a game that switches resolution on you.
This is a debug version,with a different pixel format,  it will output 
some text to your system console if
it fails to start up properly. Please send us that text and your system 

In a test on a Radeon 9800 1.8Ghz Mac yesterday the text feedback I got 
was, the game
couldn't find the directory it was weird is that?
No problem on a G3 350, dual 450 G4, G4 iBook 900 something, emac 1Ghz, 
imac Dv 400 (at low resolution).

Good luck. Thanks for trying.

Mr Bill

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