ANN: iGame3D's Dead Days

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Nov 18 06:50:32 EST 2004

Hi Bill and all,

i cannot get this game started???

Anyone else experienced this?

I doubleclick and see the short zoom effect, but that was all... :-(

OS X 10.3.6, i expereinced this phenomenon with one or two (non rev) 
apps, too...

Any hints?

> I've been hard at work on iGame3D's interface, with some excellent
> help, in the last few months.
> Tobi decided he'd spend the only six days of "vacation" he's had in a 
> year
> competing in the uDevGames contest over at and so we 
> whipped up
>  (drum roll, trumpets, ..whats that moaning noise from the 
> shadows?)....
> ...
> Ok Have fun and today's my birthday, so don't forget to vote,
> or no party hats and exotic dancers leaping from the  ice cream cake!! 
> ;-)
> Mr Bill
> Team iGame3D


Klaus Major
klaus at

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