Dreamcard under Mandrake Linux 10.1

Emmanuel Yves eyves at club-internet.fr
Tue Nov 16 04:26:14 EST 2004


I'm French and new user of Dreamcard that I have discovered and bought the  
past week.

I have installed it on Linux Mandrake 10.1 with the rpm built and it works  

Yet, I have a small problem :

Since Dreamcard is installed is installed in the /opt directory, and when  
I launch it as a single user (not root), I can't create *.rev files under  
/opt/Revolution_dreamcard but only in my home directory (/home/emmanuel  

So, have I to modify the writable rights of this directory so that rev  
files may be written in this directory ?

Another question :

In order to launch Dreamcard, I have to be placed into  
/opt/Revolution_dreamcard, and I don't know which command would allow me  
to launch it from, for instance, /home/emmanuel in a terminal ? Have I to  
create a link towards the executable Revolution_dreamcard.sh ?

Finally, I think Dreamcard (and Revolution) are very good products, but  
French users lack of a good documentation in their language. I hope there  
will be one.

Thank you very much beforehand


               M. Emmanuel YVES

Utilisant le client e-mail révolutionnaire d'Opera :  

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