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Frank Engel fde101 at
Fri Nov 12 10:02:08 EST 2004

 From what (very) little I have worked with the external(s) I have made 
for Rev, it seems that the externals API is not all that difficult to 
work with, but I certainly agree that the documentation stands to be 
improved, particularly in that some tutorials could be of great 
benefit.  Although, I still have a rather serious problem with one of 
my externals which seems to be a bug in Rev, but which I can't 
completely verify because I can't figure out the docs stack that comes 
with the SDK...

On Nov 12, 2004, at 1:01, MisterX wrote:

> .c files contain your code
> .h files contain the headers (macros, defines, prototypes to your 
> functions)
> although H files are optional, they separate the code from the
> pre-assignments.
> There's a lot of good C beginning tutorials out there. Shouldn't be 
> hard to
> find. Learning C however is a medium hard task though!
> The externals I though were pretty clear but there is a lot of mambo 
> jambo
> code in there to glue the external to the external API. And that makes 
> it
> quite confusing.
> However the code contains almost all the different kinds of examples 
> you
> might want which is very nice.
> If I remember correctly, most old hc books contain a how to for 
> externals.
> Danny Goodman's Complete HC handbook has such a chapter.
> Unfortunately, I don't really need externals anymore... I haven't
> experimeted much with them yet. I have a project for some neural nets 
> though
> where RR is really slow...
> X
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>>> On windows? It compiled with Visual C++ 6 (I think it was 6...)...
>>> Quite a piece of work too! ;)
>> Yes, on Windows.  I used the Bloodshed DevC++ program to try
>> to compile it.  Evertime I thought I got close to figuring
>> out why it wasn't working, I was given a whole new set of
>> unrecogonizable errors.
>> Also, I do have to comment that the SDK is very confusing and
>> misleading.  The tutorials were incomplete and did not answer
>> some very basic questions that a newbie might have.  For
>> example, the tutorial explains that 2 files will be created
>> "external.c" and "external.h", but does not continue to
>> explain which piece of code goes where.  Experience
>> developers may laugh at that statement, but most developer's
>> fail to remember what it was like when they first started
>> out.  Things need to be easy.  Just my 2 cents.
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