How to access Telnet Port - please help

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Tue Nov 9 20:34:29 EST 2004


use the open socket command to open the connection, use read from 
socket (inside a loop) to expect the prompt "username:", use write to 
socket command to write the data, use close socket to close the 

It's better to get to know more about Revolution and Transcript while 
trying to accomplish such tasks. Your rev copy comes with many 
tutorials, you should take your time to do all of them and understand 
them, then it's a very good option to buy Dan Shafer's "Revolution, 
software in the speed of thought book" which is a very good reading. 
This should take your experience further. Getting script examples is 
like learning to cook just by executing recipes, you need to learn to 
think the Revolution way! :D


On Nov 9, 2004, at 8:32 PM, Abeysekera, Prasanna wrote:

> Hi Andre,
>               Sorry that I made a mistake with the port. Telnet port 
> 23 but
> not FTP. Can you help me with a script example. My requirement is to 
> open a
> telnet port and then insert the password and enter the user name then 
> if
> everything goes well, collect the output from the server to a text 
> file.
> For example : if I send a command to the server Send Log, then server
> replies with the log, I want to collect the log on to a text file.
> Thanks in advance.
> Niva
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