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Ralph R. Forehand ralf at
Tue Nov 9 12:37:54 CST 2004

Jan, Alain and Frank,

THANK YOU very much for your helpful suggestions. They do work for setting the pull down buttons items from OUTSIDE the button's script.

But what I'm really trying to do is change the button's items from INSIDE the button's script i.e. Each time the button is clicked a new list of items is displayed based on a string (of list items) from a Global Variable.

I certainly can utilize your suggestions using a second "list actuating" button as a work around - but I would prefer to avoid that.

Thanks again for your responses and they were helpful. I'll keep looking for a single button approach.


>--- "Ralph R. Forehand" <ralf at> wrote:
> > The Rev documentation says:
> > You can script the button's menu items with a
> > handler (one menu item per line), 
> > but doesn't show an example of this.
> > 
> > I'm trying to use a string of User names, ex.
> > "Smith, Jones, Brown, White"
> > within a handler to populate my button's menu items.
> > The number of Users (line items) will vary depending
> > on the User group.
> > 
> > Does anyone know the location (URL) of a sample
> > script that does this and/or 
> > what commands could I use?
> > 
> > Thanks in Advance for any help and TAKE CARE
> > Ralph 
> > 
>Hi Ralph,
>You can change a menu button's items by means of the
>'text' property ; this expects a return-delimited list
>of menu items ; example :
>  set the text of button "MyMenuButton" to \
>      "Smith" & return & "Jones" & return & \
>      "Brown" & return & "White"
>Hope this helped,
>Jan Schenkel.
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