Cannot connect to Oracle from IDE

Thomas Gutzmann thomas.gutzmann at
Tue Nov 9 13:27:08 EST 2004


there are some mails regarding "the infamous invalid database type", but they have to do with 
stand-alone applications, so I have to ask here:

I have just purchased, downloaded and installed the enterprise version (i.e. including Oracle 
access), and i get this error from the IDE.

- by building a query with the query builder
- by entering: put revOpenDatabase("Oracle","","dbuta218","user", 
"password") into gDatabaseID

It works with PostgreSQL on my local system (MacOS/X), and if I replace "Oracle" by "PostgreSQL", 
I get the error message "could not connect to server: Connection refused". That shows that the 
problem lies in the Oracle part.

Has anyone of you an idea what might be wrong? Do I have to load any additional resources?

Some facts:

MacOS/X 10.3.6
PostgreSQL 7.4.5 installed locally
Oracle installed locally
Revolution 2.5


Thomas G.

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