Multiple shell commands

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sun Nov 7 15:13:35 CST 2004

Since I almost replaced my MacOS X Gui for Revolution, almost all my 
work is done inside the IDE or with the IDE open in parallel. I find 
amusing that I have, don't know, maybe 500 megabytes of source code 
here, lot's of interconnected stacks, and I never build standalones. I 
like my stacks sharing the same "memory" I want them to be able to 
share data. Because I use Rev as my premier computer front-end (before 
Rev, I used Rebol) I keep adding small utilities. I am a computer 
language junkie, I have interpreters and compilers for everything and I 
do not like emacs or vi... I use my own Rev editor for stuff, and 
always shell() the compilation steps... I use Rev as IDE for my python, 
scheme and ruby experiments....

and with my CGITOOL & FTPCommander stacks, all my php and 
webdevelopment pass inside Rev as well... I am slowly turning the Rev 
IDE in what my NewtonOS enviroment is for me, a deep integrate 
enviroment made to suit me and my needs. There's a page called MacOS X 
Hack tools, it shows there lot's of cool terminal commands (yeah, they 
are command line utilities, not terminal commands) that can make your 
life easier. For example the "defaults" utility taps into the MacOS X 
Preference System, and the "security" utility into the Keychain 
Framework, by building simple terminal wrappers, all your apps can 
benefit from both frameworks. Using the terminal (shell) and 
applescript as interface with the outside world, you can easily create 
cool front-ends for all your needs.

Almost all my database development passes thru Marks DB Schema stack, 
my webstuff passes by my own palettes (cgitool, ftpcommander, ncon...), 
my HTML is created with Altuit altHTML plugin. Netservices are provided 
with libnetServices, common data storage is thru libDatabase by Trevor. 
Everything integrated in a nice agent called Alfred. The trick is, know 
your terminal!!! if you using MacOS X, learn what applescript can do 
for you...


On Nov 7, 2004, at 6:55 PM, MisterX wrote:

> Lets try now with vbs or wsh! ;))
> Perl and python seem common to. And certainly an easy extension for 
> RunRev.
> PHP remains a web thing alas... And RunRev lacks the threaded 
> execution...
> Any experiences with c# or java from RunRev sea of shells?
> Other languages?
> X
Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL

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