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Kaveh Bazargan kaveh at
Sat Nov 6 05:00:08 CST 2004

At 2:27 am -0800 6/11/04, Jan Schenkel wrote:


>If you are using Revolution 2.5 and you want to know
>what special properties and messages there are for
>scrollbars, go to the documentation, click the
>'Object' button in the toolbar, then use the treeview
>on the left to drill into 'Objects' > 'Scrollbar' >

Thanks for the hints, Jan.

Yes, I am using 2.5 on Mac OS X.

I did that, but there is no entry for "on bar click". This is the setting
you can see in the inspector at the bottom.

>In Revolution 2.2, youcan get the same information by
>going to the 'Transcript Language Dictionary', and
>usign the 'Show' option menu at the top to show only
>the scrollbar messages or properties.
>In this case, I think you wat to react to any change
>in the value set by the user, so you'll want to catch
>the 'srollbarDrag' message and handle it.

Actually, I just want to set this value "on bar click" via a script, for a
scrollbar that has just been created. This value determines how much the
thumb jumps when the user clicks on the bar.

I tried:

put the onbarclick of scrollbar 1

but no output.

Kaveh Bazargan

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