How works revCurrentRecordIsLast/revCurrentRecordIsFirst

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Fri Nov 5 23:25:42 CST 2004

--- Jérôme Rosat <jrosat at> wrote:
> Bonjour tout le monde,
> In Dreamcard documentation, for the
> revCurrentRecordIsLast function, 
> it's written that "Returns whether the current
> record is the last 
> record in a record set (database cursor)."
> In my recordset with 3 records, when the cursor is
> on the first record, 
> revCurrentRecordIsLast return false. It's Ok for me.
> After moving the cursor with revMoveToNextRecord to
> the second record, 
> revCurrentRecordIsLast return false. It's still OK
> for me.
> If I move the cursor to the third and last record, 
> revCurrentRecordIsLast still return false. With the
> upper definition, 
> the result should be true. The third record is the
> last one.
> But revCurrentRecordIsLast return true only if I use
> revMoveToNextRecord once again. In short,
> revCurrentRecordIsLast return 
> true when revMoveToNextRecord return an error. And
> it is the same for 
> revCurrentRecordIsFirst.
> Is it a bug or I'm stupid ?
> Jérôme Rosat

Bonjour Jérôme,

What does the function 'revNumberOfRecords' return for
that result set ? And is this still on MySQL ?

Jan Schenkel.

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