How works revCurrentRecordIsLast/revCurrentRecordIsFirst

Jérôme Rosat jrosat at
Fri Nov 5 17:34:57 CST 2004

Bonjour tout le monde,

In Dreamcard documentation, for the revCurrentRecordIsLast function, 
it's written that "Returns whether the current record is the last 
record in a record set (database cursor)."

In my recordset with 3 records, when the cursor is on the first record, 
revCurrentRecordIsLast return false. It's Ok for me.
After moving the cursor with revMoveToNextRecord to the second record, 
revCurrentRecordIsLast return false. It's still OK for me.
If I move the cursor to the third and last record, 
revCurrentRecordIsLast still return false. With the upper definition, 
the result should be true. The third record is the last one.
But revCurrentRecordIsLast return true only if I use 
revMoveToNextRecord once again. In short, revCurrentRecordIsLast return 
true when revMoveToNextRecord return an error. And it is the same for 

Is it a bug or I'm stupid ?

Jérôme Rosat

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