problems running Rev standalones under Panther with limited user accounts

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu Nov 4 20:52:54 CST 2004

> The problem now is under Panther only.  My standalone is installed to 
> the
> Applications folder.  When logged in with an admin account, it works as
> expected.  But when I log in with a limited account, if I try to 
> launch the
> app, it flashes in the dock for a split second, I see the zooming 
> effect of
> the icon as if it's trying to run, but then it dies.  If I copy the 
> app to
> the limited user's directory, it runs as expected.  So something in the
> security settings is preventing the app from running normally, at 
> least I'm
> guessing that's the case.  But all other applications run as expected 
> when
> logged in with the limited user.  I've tried playing with the security 
> and
> permissions settings on my app's folder, but can't quite seem to get 
> the
> right combination of settings.

I haven't used limited accounts but I did encounter this problem when I 
copied an application over directly to a different computer without 
compressing it first. If you check the permissions of your application, 
you will see that only the owner has write permission. It is likely 
that your admin user is the owner, and the limited user therefore is 
not allowed to write. For some reason, this seems to prevent the 
application from starting up.

You could try using the Finder's Get Info window to set the permissions 
so that anyone can write, but I have found this unreliable and prefer 
to use the Terminal. Open the Terminal, cd to the folder containing 
your app and then use the following command:
	chmod -R 777

This will make every file in your application bundle readable & 
writable by everyone. You may prefer to make sure the limited user is 
in the same group as the owner and change the permissions to 775 


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