Empty menu items

Éric Miclo eric.miclo at wanadoo.fr
Thu Nov 4 15:37:01 CST 2004


I did found why Revolution create empty menu items, it's when you set a 
property to a menuItem that doesn't exist.
The real problem is tthat I have an app with several stacks that do 
have each a different menu bar. On opening a stack or resuming it I set 
the properties of the menuItems of the stack.
But when a stack is resumed there is a big problem because when I look 
at what is the current menuBar it is not the one of the current stack 
but the one of the previous topStack, even if I set the menuBar in the 
"on resumeStack" handler.
Does anybody have an idea why the current menuBar is not the one of the 
current stack or how to get it set well?

Thanks, best regards,


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