Table field questions

Gordon Tillman got at
Thu Nov 4 09:26:45 CST 2004

Hi Jack

> I figured out how to change the width of columns using the tabstops 
> setting
> under table in the object inspecter. As you know it changes all the 
> column
> widths. Is there a way to change the width just 1 of the columns?

You absolutely can!  The way that property works is that you can use a 
comma-separated list of values.  Each value is the number of pixels 
from the left edge to that tab stop.

For example, if you have 75,85,120 as the value, then:

The first tab stop will be 75 pixels from the left edge
The second tab stop will be 85 pixels from the left edge
The third tab stop will be 120 pixels from the left edge

Then revolution will fill in tab stops for the remaining visible space 
to the right using the difference between the last two values as an 
increment.  So in the example that I just quoted to you, the difference 
between 85 and 120 is 35, so it will automatically fill in tab stops at

155, 190, etc.

So you just need to supply enough values to cover the visible are of 
you table at which point to can tweak any individual column.


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