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Thank you!  I get it now.  Whew - - - I'm glad someone else wrote all that code - - - I never would have imagined it would have taken such a huge effort to copy an app, but now I see what all that logic is necessary.  I'm retrofitting this into my code next.... hopefully I'll know shortly how this works in Mac OS X.

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>Hi Richard and all,
>> RGould8 at wrote:
>>> In a message dated 11/3/04 10:59:43 AM, soapdog at writes:
>>>> Also, I think that some way back Richard or Chipp create a
>>>> compressin/decomprerssion utility stack in rev... search the 
>>>> archives.
>>>> Andre
>>> If there's a compression/decompression utility stack, I'm definitely 
>>> interested.   I wonder if I'm searching the wrong archives - - - I'm 
>>> just not pulling up any examples of successful Mac OS X application 
>>> compression/decompression.   Lots of posts about 
>>> compressing/decompressing binary data into Rev stacks however.
>> It's tedious, but not difficult:
>or one can peep in the script of btn "revbackscript" of cd 1 of stack 
>and search for "revcompress"/"revdecompress" :-)
>It is undocumented, but does exactly that!
>I did not test it yet, if someone does, please tell us if it works with 
>application bundles, thanks :-)
>> - get the directory which is the .app bundle
>> - get its contents recursively
>> - read of of those files into custom props in a stack file
>> - store the short path to the file in a custom prop
>> On the flipside, to restore:
>> - walk through the custom props, writing out the stored data to the 
>> stored paths.
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