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Wed Nov 3 13:52:55 CST 2004

RGould8 at wrote:
> In a message dated 11/3/04 10:59:43 AM, soapdog at writes:
>>Also, I think that some way back Richard or Chipp create a
>>compressin/decomprerssion utility stack in rev... search the archives.
> If there's a compression/decompression utility stack, I'm definitely 
> interested.   I wonder if I'm searching the wrong archives - - - I'm just not pulling 
> up any examples of successful Mac OS X application compression/decompression.  
>  Lots of posts about compressing/decompressing binary data into Rev stacks 
> however.

It's tedious, but not difficult:

- get the directory which is the .app bundle
- get its contents recursively
- read of of those files into custom props in a stack file
- store the short path to the file in a custom prop

On the flipside, to restore:
- walk through the custom props, writing out the stored data to the 
stored paths.

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