compress/decompress on OS X

James Richards jamesjrichards at
Wed Nov 3 11:02:04 CST 2004

Fools rush in...

I'm mostly a lurker on this list, but OS X apps are special in that the 
app is actually a folder. Control clicking the app and choosing 'Show 
package contents' will demonstrate this.

Presumably there is some means of showing the OS that this folder is to 
be treated as an app and launched when double clicked rather than 
opened as a folder, but I think there may be an issue around how this 
works when approached via a filepath from within Rev.  A Google search 
of the lists 
(<>) got 
me this thread which may be relevant 
(look out for any line breaks in the link).



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On 3 Nov, 2004, at 10:49:47 EST, RGould8 wrote:

> It appears that what's going in is not what's coming out.   Should I 
> be doing
> something else to this file before compressing it to make this work?   
> Are OS
> X apps "special" in some way?

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