copying a card as an image to the system clipboard

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Wed Nov 3 10:52:59 CST 2004

"kweto" <nrkweto03 at> writes:
> For an MC stack I'm now converting to Rev, I used (Tuviah Snyder's?)
> Externals Collection to copy the current card to the system clipboard (as a
> bitmap, which can then be pasted into other applications). I thought the
> closest Rev equivalent for this would be the "copy" command, the
> documentation for which states:
> "If a stack is specified, the copied object must be a card."
> So, I tried "copy card y of stack x", and even simply "copy card y", but, no
> luck.

If you copy a card, you get a card on the clipboard, not a picture of
the card.  You can paste it in a stack and get a new card with all the
objects that the copied card had.  Very handy.

Rev has a snapshot command.  Look up snapshot in the documentation:
>You take screenshots by choosing File menu Import As Control Snapshot,
>or by using the import snapshot com in a handler or the message box.
>The following statement takes a screenshot of the stack "My Stack" and
>makes it into an image into the current stack:
>  import snapshot from rect (the rect of stack "My Stack")

You can also use screen shot software to take a screen shot.
Mac OS X comes with an app called Grab.  Classic has screen shot
capabilities accessed through command-shift-3 and 4.
isn't there a key that is labeled PrtScr or something?  That takes
a shot of the whole screen; use a graphics editor to crop.

There is also great third-party screen shot software available.

  - marty

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